1 Day Digital Marketing Seminar

Learn How to Leverage Digital Marketing & Storytelling.
Get more Ideal Clients. Grow Your Business.

A Conference for

Business Owners, General Managers
& Team Leaders

Business Owners, General Managers<br> & Team Leaders

“Ever since I started in business I have been fascinated by the intersection between storytelling and entrepreneurship.”
Richard Branson

Digital marketing and in particular storytelling is a proven and exciting way to quickly grow a business.

This digital storytelling conference will give you and your team a clear understanding of proven ways to get massive returns on your marketing investment. We’ll explain how to quickly reach and connect with prospects, build trust, generate action and grow a memorable brand.

This unique conference features speakers that offer clarity, inspiration and strategy… they’re all experts in their fields and they all deliver results every day. They will give you tips and secrets you can implement immediately.

Ideal for founders, business owners, team managers and team leaders with an existing track record of success who are ambitious and driven to create a new level of profitability in their business.

The Power of Digital Marketing and Storytelling

Digital storytelling is a fast and highly effective way to grow a business
Deb Jeffreys
Which Stories?

We all have a raft of stories we could tell… but which will deliver connection, trust & brand growth? Deb explains which messages deliver maximum engagement and sales.

Deb Jeffreys
Digital Marketing Expert
Founder Brilliant Digital
Cath Proctor
Digital Secrets

How are the mechanics of marketing changing as we enter the digital revolution? Cath outlines how to use digital media to get the maximum leverage from your stories.

Cath Proctor
Digital Storyteller
Brilliant Digital
Nic Elkington
Facebook Tricks

Social media is word of mouth on steroids. In this keynote Nic explains how to mine the Facebook’s massive small data resource and target ideal prospects with pinpoint accuracy.

Nic Elkington
Digital Marketer
Brilliant Digital
David Biddle
Business Exit

Business broking is set for a shake-up. David reveals how digital storytelling is transforming business sale and delivering superb financial outcomes in record time.

David Biddle
Business Sale Expert
Co-Founder Brilliant Businesses
Mystery Speaker

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